Memorial Tree Programs


In the serene embrace of nature, municipalities and cities in Canada offer special memorial tree programs—a unique and heartfelt way to honor the lives of our departed loved ones. These programs provide an alternative to traditional funerals, allowing families to commemorate their loved ones while contributing to the environment.


Why Choose a Memorial Tree?

Arbre commémorat

Choosing a memorial tree means opting for a natural, lasting tribute, an alternative imbued with ecological sensitivity and respect for the memory of the deceased. In these planting locations, a tree in memory of your loved one becomes a beautiful, living tribute.


An Environmental Gesture

These trees of life represent a lasting legacy and a positive environmental impact, offering a respectful and unique alternative to traditional gestures. What’s more rewarding is, each tree planted becomes a powerful symbol of renewal and continuity, reflecting the values and last wishes of the loved one.

This tree planting initiative not only honors the memory, but also bequeaths a tree, creating a tangible and perpetual link with future generations, as well as with nature.


An Eternal Commemoration

This option offers the opportunity to create tranquil spaces for solace and remembrance, even during difficult times. The fresh air and expansive spaces of a park provide a peaceful environment for contemplation and reflection. Here, you can experience the comforting embrace of nature while honoring the memory of your loved one.

You can also opt for additional touches of remembrance, including the option to adorn these living memorials with custom messages. These options include personalized commemorative plaques and benches, crafted with care by Martel & Sons.

These elements combine durability and aesthetics, and provide a place for contemplation and remembrance. At Martel & Sons, we guide you with care and attention in the selection of these elements, ensuring that every detail of the commemoration reflects the values and final wishes of your loved ones, creating an eternal and meaningful tribute.


Prepare an Eternal Tribute with Martel & Sons

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Martel & Sons is dedicated to enhancing memorial experiences with a unique range of funeral products. Below, you will find a selection of our offerings designed to adorn the commemorative tree of your beloved, ensuring a dignified and elegant tribute


Our Company will Accompany you on this Journey

Embark on the commemorative journey with the compassionate support of Martel & Sons. Our company is dedicated to guiding you through a wide selection of options, offering solace and understanding during these moments of remembrance.


Our Range of Funeral Plaques and Benches

To match this funeral tree, Martel & Sons offers a selection of top-quality granite. This noble material withstands the rigors of time. Imported from countries renowned for their granite, such as India and China, or from more local sources such as Ontario, Quebec, and the United States, it is available in a wide range of colors. You can choose and personalize a blue, green, gray, anthracite or brown plaque to accompany your funeral tree with a personal message.

Additionally, commemorative benches can also be selected, depending on the programs offered by municipalities, underlining your loved one’s last wishes with a symbolic gesture and a beautiful tree.

Choosing a memorial plaque or memorial bench requires some thought before making a choice. Martel & Sons, a family-run business, can help you choose the right commemorative plaque to place on your loved one’s memorial. So you will be celebrating their life with a memorable gesture – a funeral tree which would be full of life and meaning.


Does a Funeral Tree Require Special Maintenance?

arbre funéraire

Selecting a funeral tree as a living memorial requires a minimum of maintenance. These serene natural tributes, often taken care of by municipal services, flourish on their own, making them a simple yet profound way to honor and remember your loved ones.


Is It Possible to Plant the Tree in the Location of Your Choice?

Depending on the municipal regulations and availability, you may be allowed to plant a tree of choice near the burial site or any other location. Generally, commemorative trees are planted on private properties subject to permission from the homeowners’ association. It is, therefore, better to consult with professionals to ensure you comply with the rules and regulations while planting memorial trees.

To help you in this process, here are a few links to the commemorative tree planting programs of certain cities:

Planting a commemorative tree is a profound gesture, as a meaningful journey of remembrance seamlessly merges with environmental stewardship. With the support of Martel & Sons, you can create a lasting and meaningful tribute that will continue to flourish for generations to come.