Reset Headstones


The headstone is the element that covers the grave of a loved one. It is also the history place where loved ones can come together in the cemetery and place flowers to pay tribute to the deceased. However, with weather, water and all other climatic elements, it may end up leaning and the stone can be damaged. It then becomes necessary to reset headstones.

redresser pierre tombale

Headstone restoration

At Martel & Sons, we offer you a gravestone restoration services.

Cleaning according to ecological standards

In our family business, straightening headstones first involves an eco-friendly cleaning. To avoid having a bleached stone, we only use chemical-free cleaning products.

What is Resetting?

If the tombstone starts sinking is that there is a base issue. It must be realigned in order to straighten it. Depending on the severity of the sinking. It may also be necessary to add a concrete border to solidify the structure or rebuild the foundation with pillars down to hard ground and in all four corners of the plot. The maintenance is the responsibility of the family.

When should they be reset?

It is necessary to reset the actual stone when they start sinking or tilting to keep a healthy base. Not only is this important for the aesthetic aspect of the funeral marker, but also to avoid damaging the elements that make it up (ornaments, plaques, stele, etc.) especially if it’s fragile stones.

Contact Martel & Sons for headstone straightening

Straightening headstones requires substantial work and may require the use of specific equipment. You can’t repair the gravestone with string for example. To achieve a better result and save time, it is recommended to rely on the work of a professional in monumental masonry.

At Martel & Sons, we can restore on site and carry out work if necessary, even it’s a crooked headstone. Whether they are made from marble, granite, or other materials or that you have a broken stone, we will restore your funeral monuments. We also specialize in the custom design of :

  • Burial vaults 
  • Crypts
  • Mausoleums
  • Production of columbarium 
  • Urn tombs

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