These days, it is becoming increasingly common to opt for cremation urn Canada.


The funeral urn: what is it?

A funeral urn is a container intended to accommodate the remains of a cremated person. They come in different shapes and sizes.
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When choosing an urn, you can also choose the material from which it is made. According to the wishes of the deceased and their family, the urn for ashes can be buried in a cemetery like a coffin or displayed in a cremation monument as a columbarium. The ashes can also be scattered, thereby transforming the urn into a temporary home.


Some examples of the colors available for an urn

Different colors of urns

The different types of urns

These days, cremation urns come in many shapes. You can find urns in the shape of a heart, a lotus, or even surrounded by angel wings.

The vast majority of cremation urns available are individual cremation urns. As their name suggests, these urns are designed for a single person. These urns have a capacity of 3 to 3.5 L, depending on the build of the deceased. The wide variety allows families to refine their choices based on a specific passion of the deceased or even a specific color.

Cremation urns for couples are larger than individual urns. In fact, the size of these urns is sufficient to hold the ashes of two adults. You have the option to choose from an urn with a single chamber or one with two chambers to separate the ashes in the container.

These urns are smaller and designed to hold only a portion of the cremated remains. These urns are used for various purposes, usually to preserve a small portion of the remains as a keepsake when the ashes of your loved one are buried or stored in a columbarium.

Ceramic is the most commonly used material in the production of cremation urns. Unique and artistic, these urns can be sealed with wax to prevent any improper openings. A very delicate material, ceramic is very easy to clean.

Wooden cremation urns are made from various species. It is therefore possible to find them in maple, mahogany, or walnut. Their natural brown colors bring a touch of delicacy to this funerary object. Easy to care for, you can have a message engraved on them to commemorate the deceased.

In recent years, a new type of urn has emerged made from biodegradable materials. Made from paper, cardboard, or natural fibres, they accommodate the ashes of a loved one while remaining ephemeral. Some biodegradable urns are used as flower pots in order to grow a tree or any other plant.

Metal urns are made from bronze, tin, stainless steel, or brass. They offer a lasting final resting place for your loved one. Easy to care for, metal cremation urns are also an economical option. Less expensive than other materials, metal remains a very popular choice.

Round or rectangular in shape, granite urns offer an elegant receptacle for your loved one’s ashes. Customizable, they are available in a wide selection of colors and finishes. You can also choose to have a drawing or quotation engraved on them. This sturdy material doesn’t deteriorate over time.

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