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Choosing a tombstone to honor the memory of a dearly departed loved one is never an easy thing to do. During this difficult step, Martel & Sons is there to support you. Our team of cremation and funeral monument experts will guide you in choosing the materials and the design to reflect the personality like putting headstone inscription for the soul of the deceased as much as possible.



What is a tombstone?

A tombstone is a monument that is usually placed at the head of a tomb and attached to a stone base. It is therefore a “marker” in the sense that it indicates the exact place where the deceased is buried in order to gather there to remember them. The tombstone (or gravestone) includes a foundation, a base, and a monument. This can be perfectly flat or feature a stele.


The different types of headstones

Although there are many models, here are the two most common models you can choose from:

Straight headstones

Undoubtedly the most commonly used grave marker, the vertical tombstone is a simple stone placed at the head of the tomb. There are many options, specialized designs available and you can put headstone inscriptions. You will find headstones in multiple shapes, sizes, and levels of complexity and elegance. Personalizing this monument is a great way to show that the deceased was loved and that you continue to remember them.

Flat tombstones

Flat gravestones are granite memorials laid flat and level with the ground. Although they are one of the simplest and most economical grave markers, tombstones are available in different sizes to meet all the needs of cemeteries. At Martel & Sons, we have a wide selection of granite colors to choose from. We also give you the option of personalizing your monument by engraving any pattern or work of art that reflects your loved one’s lifestyle.


Why opt for granite?

Granite is the preferred material for tombstones because it is naturally strong and aesthetically appealing. Granite is therefore a rock that is particularly resistant to chips, scratches, and the passage of time, especially if you compare it to other natural stones such as marble. In addition to being a particularly resistant stone, granite comes in a wide spectrum of colors, from greys and blacks to reds and blues.

This material is used for memorials because it has many positive qualities. Indeed, granite is:

  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Sculptable
  • Polishable

Finally, this material doesn’t require any significant maintenance. A simple brush and a little clear water are enough to keep the monument clean. If you opted for a polished finish, a simple sponge, some baking soda, and Blanc de Meudon will be sufficient.


Martel & Sons: your tombstone manufacturer since 1903

During the design, you need to choose the shape as well as the finishes that you wish to apply to your tombstone. You need to choose if you want an upright headstone or flat headstone. When you walk through the aisles of a cemetery, it’s not uncommon to come across steles of all shapes.

Often rectangular, they can also come in round, oval, or more atypical shapes. When designing your headstone, you can opt for traditional solutions or order a custom model. In the shape of a book, a heart, or a flame, choose the shape that best represents the deceased.


How much does it cost to design a gravestone?

The manufacture of your tombstone and the elements that you wish to add to it are all factors that will cause the final cost of your funeral monument to fluctuate. You should set aside a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for the creation of a granite headstone in Ontario and Quebec. Of course, the price will be adjusted accordingly if you wish to add a finish, engraving work, or a medallion. The style of the monument as well as its colors are also aspects that may cause the final price to vary.

When choosing your grave marker, several factors should be taken into account. To help you, Martel & Sons, a family business, offers you their advice and expertise. Specializing in the design and sale of monuments, we work in Quebec and Ontario to meet your needs. For all your requests regarding the manufacture of a tombstone, don’t hesitate to contact us today.


Martel & Sons offers different constructions of personalized funeral monuments:

  • The tombstone
  • The burial crypt
  • The burial vault
  • The mausoleum
  • The chapel
  • The funerary stele

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