Commemorative benches


Commemorative trees and commemorative bench programs are becoming increasingly popular in public spaces, especially through charitable donations. They are a special way to honour a loved one with a tangible memento just like other funeral and memorial products. But do you know about commemorative benches? Martel & Sons offers the possibility to choose personalized granite commemorative benches in function to the cost that it represents for you.

These granite pieces provide a beautiful commemorative option for parks and designated spaces in addition to strengthening community ties. They are generally present in city bench programs.

A granite commemorative bench near a headstone

How to select a commemorative bench?

This type of commemoration can be used as a rest area. There are several types of commemorative benches and different costs. At Martel & Sons, we prefer to work with granite, a high-quality material.

Personalized commemorative benches

At Martel & Fils, we offer you the possibility to personalize your projects in honor of the deceased so that they meet your specific criteria. They can therefore be engraved with the name of the person or event with a commemorative plaque, the dates of birth and death, or quotations that are reminiscent of the deceased.

We also offer different colours to match the location and ensure more discretion if it is a park bench or public bench. You can also add items such as flowers as you wish.

High-quality works

Our team always ensures that our memorial benches are of the highest possible quality, which is why we have surrounded ourselves with experts specializing in their industry for more than 110 years.

We use granite for its many advantages. Firstly, because this is a material that requires much less maintenance than others. Secondly, because it is resistant over time and weather, and finally, because it is a material that is available in several colours: grey, blue, pink, green, black or red.

Our different memorials

We listen to your requests in order to better understand the universe of the deceased and to define with you what will best represent who they were.

Our staff produce memorial statues that can be placed on the grave of the deceased. Statues are molded or sculpted works that require skill, a certain design period and often represent a person in the form of an angel or a woman. The purpose of the statue is to pay tribute to the deceased, symbolize their life, and embody the values of kindness and protection. It is also possible to opt for a religious figure when choosing your funerary statue.

We also carry out other special funeral projects:

  • Commemorative plaques
  • Headstones
  • Crypts
  • Vaults
  • Mausoleums
  • Funeral chapels
  • Urn tombs
  • Columbarium

Martel & Sons supports you with your projects

Do you have a specific idea of what you want, or do you need advice on the best way to pay tribute to your loved ones?

Martel & Sons is recognized for the quality of its personalized monuments. We work directly with talented professionals who are experts in their field and ensure high-quality work. We will adapt to your needs in order to offer you quality turnkey service. Many families have trusted us; why not you? If you have a request, you can find our current contact information such as our email or phone number on our contact page.

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5 / 5 out of 9 reviews

“A big thank you for your excellent work ❤️ my grandmother urn is so beautiful and represents it perfectly 💐”

- France Lalonde

“Excellent service, very professional and a monument beyond our expectations.”

- Pascal Cadieux

“The company is professional and caring and I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the MARTEL&SONS company. Please know we are thankful and so grateful  for the beautiful engraving that was done for our beloved family members’ headstone.”

- Caroline Johnson

“The service representative Tami was excellent to deal with. She was professional, kind , understanding and most helpful. The service was timely and exceeded expectations.”

- Kerry Oleary