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What is a cremation marker?

A cremation marker is a monument that can accommodate one or more funerary urns. There are several types of cremation monuments:

If the urn is placed on the monument, this is called an urn box, and it measures about 50 cm x 50 cm. Another option involves digging a hole in the ground and buying the urn directly. This is called an “urn vault.” These options are intended for families who want more privacy during the burial process Finally, the columbarium serves as a “collective” cremation memorial. This is a memorial that may contain dozens of urns. It is set up in cemeteries to allow loved ones to gather there whenever they wish.

What is the difference between a funeral monument and a cinerary monument?

A funerary monument is intended for caskets, whereas a cinerary monument is dedicated to the urns of the deceased. Thus, cinerary monuments are much smaller.

How to choose and personalize your cremation monument ?

The cremation monument is the final resting place for the ashes of the deceased, where their relatives can go whenever they wish. These days, many families choose to keep the ashes rather than scattering them in a garden or the countryside, which leaves no trace of their loved one.

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Martel & Sons has been providing funeral, cremation monuments and burial markers in Canada since 1903. Our team is available to help our customers choose their materials and personalize their monuments, in addition to providing commemorative monuments. Customers can ask our staff for advice online or in person at our offices in Vankleek Hill, Ottawa, Gatineau, Granby, and Montreal.

Frequently Asked Questions – Cinerary Monuments

At the time of a cremation, several options are available to the family of the deceased concerning the scattering or the conservation of the ashes. The cinerary monument is an excellent alternative to placing the urn in a columbarium.

  • The box-urn
  • The burial vault
  • The columbarium

Martel & Fils offers families the possibility of personalizing the cinerary monument according to the wishes of the family and the deceased. We offer different colours, the installation of a funeral plaque to engrave the name of the deceased as well as ornaments.

A funerary monument is intended for coffins, whereas a cinerary monument is dedicated to the urns of the dead. Thus, cinerary monuments are much smaller.


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