Modern Headstone Designs


Are you looking for modern headstone ideas to pay tribute to a loved one? Choosing a headstone is never easy. We can provide you with a wide range of modern headstone ideas and designs, as well as a variety of materials to choose from.

The shape and style of the headstone

Firstly, it’s a matter of choosing the style of funeral marker: whether it’s atypical shapes or sleek lines, the choice is yours.

However, landscaped tombstones, where the principle is to cover them with plants like a small garden, not with memorial stones, is one of the modern and trendy headstone ideas.

The available colours

It is often recommended to opt for a color that matches the personality of the loved one. For example, if they had a cheerful temperament, choose warm colours (think orange, pink, or golden tones).

However, if they had a more discreet temperament, you can turn to cold colours (gray, black, dark blue). Remember to inquire about the rules of the cemetery first.

Why should you choose granite?

Today, granite is frequently chosen for modern and custom headstone designs.

The 4 advantages of using granite

  1. Stylish: Granite headstones come in various natural colours, and all forms of granite are unique.
  2. Easy to maintain: It is quite easy to clean and restore modern granite tombstones.
  3. Sustainability: Unlike marble or slate, granite is highly resistant.
  4. Endless possibilities: Granite is a perfect material for headstone inscriptions and engraving, since expert technicians can successfully create engravings with lasers and sandblasting.

Our services according to your needs

Do you need advice on choosing your modern design for your headstones or any other range of funeral marker? Martel & Sons are funeral monument consultants who are present and available to help you in this challenging time.

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