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The team from Martel & Sons has many marble artisans who specialize in the manufacture of monuments such as burial crypts. We also offer a full range of design and manufacturing services related to monumental masonry.

Our different models of funeral monuments are designed according to the rules of the art and the highest quality standards with respect to funeral pieces. After 5 generations of Martels behind the design of unique crypts, burial vaults, and tombstones, we have the expertise to design a burial crypt that pays tribute to your loved ones.

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What is a burial crypt?

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The crypt, also known as a funeral niche, is one of the possible burial options for the interment of the bodies of your deceased. When the time comes to choose the final resting place for your loved ones, you can choose from several combinations, such as:

  • Interment with a vault and a tombstone
  • A burial crypt with a plaque or engraving
  • A public or private mausoleum crypt
  • A chapel

The crypt starts from the same principle as the vault. It is a monument intended to accommodate the body of a deceased person. The main difference between the burial crypt and the vault lies in the fact that the crypt is a raised monument, instead of burying it in the ground.

Crypts are usually accompanied by commemorative plaques or personalized inscriptions in the style of an engraving. In short, the crypt is to the coffin what the columbarium is to urns.

Why opt for a burial crypt?

The single crypt is an ideal solution for those who want to bring the members of the same family together. It is also used to protect the coffin or urn from weather conditions while offering a place of recollection for visitors.


Our burial crypt design and manufacturing service

Our family business has more than 100 years of experience in the design and manufacture of monumental masonry. We therefore offer our clients professional, human, and impeccable service with respect for all the legal obligations for the design of their burial crypt.

We understand the seriousness and the emotions that you are experiencing at this moment. Our team of marble artisans is proud to support you during this difficult ordeal. Our mission is to offer you the best possible type of burial to pay tribute to the loved ones who have left you.

Custom service

Designing a burial crypt is a unique project. Thanks to our expertise, we offer each family members a personalized design tailored to their needs. Contact our artisans today to get a quote and the burial crypt cost

Our service would not be what it is without you. Creating a family crypt is a collaborative project, which is why we ask for your approval at every step, from the design to the manufacture.

High-quality materials

To ensure the quality and longevity of our funeral monuments, we only use materials that meet very high quality standards. We import our materials such as granite from India and China, which is what allows Martel & Sons to offer a lifetime guarantee on all our crypts.


Contact Martel & Sons for all your funeral monument needs

Designing and manufacturing a quality burial crypt requires advanced expertise. Trust a family business with 5 generations who have devoted themselves to the creation of quality artistic funeral monuments.

Contact Martel & Sons today to discuss the design of your crypt. We are attentive to your needs, and we will do everything in our power to offer you the funeral monument you want.


Martel & Sons offers different constructions of personalized funeral monuments:

  • The tombstone
  • The burial crypt
  • The burial vault
  • The mausoleum
  • The chapel
  • The funerary stele

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“A big thank you for your excellent work ❤️ my grandmother urn is so beautiful and represents it perfectly 💐”

- France Lalonde

“Excellent service, very professional and a monument beyond our expectations.”

- Pascal Cadieux

“The company is professional and caring and I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the MARTEL&SONS company. Please know we are thankful and so grateful  for the beautiful engraving that was done for our beloved family members’ headstone.”

- Caroline Johnson

“The service representative Tami was excellent to deal with. She was professional, kind , understanding and most helpful. The service was timely and exceeded expectations.”

- Kerry Oleary