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Following a death, the families of the deceased order funeral monuments in the image of their loved one. To pay tribute, it’s possible to add a plaque, an engraving, angel statue headstones or a headstone statue. Funerary art is much more complex than you might imagine, you can custom monuments et choose your monument types.

Decorating a loved one’s grave

Honouring the dead has always been an important part of human life. In all cultures, we mourn their loss and cherish their memories in various ways. We hold memorial services and wakes. We even practice mourning through our actions and our clothing. One of the most common methods, especially in Quebec, involves decorating funeral monuments with funeral plaques, granite statues, flowers, or other funeral accessories that help us remember who they were in life.

What is a headstone statue?

A headstone statue or memorial statues is a moulded or sculpted work that most often represents a humanoid model. Most often in the form of an angel or a woman, the headstone statue is placed on the grave of the deceased. It highlights the tombstone. The headstone statue is intended to symbolize life, positive values, or attachment to the departed loved one.

It’s possible to opt for a religious figure when choosing your headstone statue. The Virgin Mary, Christ, or any other element relating to one’s beliefs can be placed on the grave. It’s also common to find statues of animals on certain graves representing the strength or courage of the deceased.

What are the materials used in the design of a headstone statue?

Installed outside, the statue must be made from a material that is resistant to bad weather and the passage of time. While the most commonly used materials are resin and bronze, others such as marble and granite are quality materials to be favoured. Of course, depending on the complexity of the piece and the material used, the price will be higher or lower. By turning to professionals, you can enjoy a personalized statue to honor your deceased and choose a marble statue or bronze statue. We are bronze marker specialists.

Call on Martel & Sons

We are specialist funeral products supply and cemetery products supply. Martel & Sons is a monumental masonry company known across Canada. Created over 100 years ago, this family business creates your headstone statues for you. Based on your requests, we provide our expertise to you to honor your dearly departed loved ones with reasonable prices. For any information, don’t hesitate to send us your request using our contact form.

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