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How to choose your personalized commemorative plaque

Choosing a commemorative plaque to decorate a tombstone is not a matter to be taken lightly.
Commemorative plaque
To produce your commemorative item, Martel & Sons provides you with a wide selection of top-quality granite. A noble material, granite withstands the ravages of time.

Imported from India and China, it comes in a wide range of colors. You can therefore choose a blue, green, grey, brown, or charcoal-coloured plaque. To personalize your plaque, you can add a message to it. While bronze patterns are very popular, it is also possible to opt for engraving. That way, your tombstone will carry a message that perfectly expresses your feelings. The funeral plaque therefore becomes a real tribute to the deceased and displays a quotation and a unique pattern.

Choosing a funeral plaque involves a set of creative and reflective processes. A family business, Martel & Sons supports you in this journey and helps you make a sound decision regarding the commemorative plaque to be placed on the funeral monument of your loved ones.

Our realizations

Although granite commemorative plaques are quite resistant, it is important to care for them. The plaques offered by Martel & Sons in Canada can be cleaned with a damp sponge. This action restores the shine to the commemorative plaque. It is necessary to perform a thorough cleaning on the oldest plaques.

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“A big thank you for your excellent work ❤️ my grandmother urn is so beautiful and represents it perfectly 💐”

- France Lalonde

“Excellent service, very professional and a monument beyond our expectations.”

- Pascal Cadieux

“The company is professional and caring and I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the MARTEL&SONS company. Please know we are thankful and so grateful  for the beautiful engraving that was done for our beloved family members’ headstone.”

- Caroline Johnson

“The service representative Tami was excellent to deal with. She was professional, kind , understanding and most helpful. The service was timely and exceeded expectations.”

- Kerry Oleary