Catholic Funeral Monument


The death of a loved one in your family is a very painful event. Many formalities need to be taken care of for the organization of the funeral. For centuries, the funeral process has varied according to the religion of the deceased. At Martel & Sons we take care of catholic monument design. 

The Catholic memorial is used as the basis for the design. A granite monument is frequently used as to commemorate the life of a loved one. The same goes for the choice of funeral monument, such as the headstone. Generally, people who choose catholic memorials are from Catholic families, but how do you make your selection?

A catholic funeral monument

Our different models of Catholic monument design

This type of memorial is usually engraved with a cross. This represents the symbol of the beliefs of the deceased. Crosses can have different styles and design options and can be engraved on steles or directly on tombstones.

Monument personalization

Our company allows you to personalize your Catholic monument design.

Religious symbol engraving

We offer you multiple engraving options:

  1. Porcelain photographs
  2. Lettering (an inscription, quotation or poem, for example)
  3. Floral or animal motifs
  4. Religious symbols

Monument finishes

At Martel & Sons, you can select a funeral decoration in the shape of a cross. It can be of different styles and made of wood, granite, iron, stone, etc. and is typically installed on the stele. Our models are varied, with the simplest to the most sophisticated finishes. You can also add additional inscription if you need to.

How to choose the most suitable memorial?

The selection of different types of Catholic memorials is primarily influenced by the personality of the deceased. There are not really any rules to be followed (except those of the Catholic cemetery), nor traditions.

There is a wide variety of types of Catholic tombstones:

  1. Basic
  2. Refined
  3. Contemporary
  4. Classical

You can make your choice according to the personality of your loved one as well as your financial constraints. We take the time to offer you the best possible service by listening to you. Discover our service offerings to personalize your Catholic funeral monuments, as well as your cremation monuments, commemorative plaques, and burial vaults.

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