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Funeral Markers

An essential stage of mourning, organizing a funeral makes it possible to start gradually absorbing the separation with the deceased and to pay a final tribute to them.

The choice of the funeral marker, which will henceforth be a place of contemplation for the loved ones, is important. To the extent possible, the final resting place of the deceased must be in their image and resistant to the element with competitive prices. Granite markers, upright markers or bronze markers you have a lot of choices.

Martel & Sons offers different constructions of personalized funeral monuments:


Martel & Fils offers personalized funeral monuments in Granby, as well as in other cities like Saint-Jerome, that withstand the elements and provide a final tribute to the deceased. Choosing a monument that reflects the image of the departed is a crucial step in the grieving process.

Martel & Fils offers personalized funeral monuments in Granby, as well as in other cities like Saint-Jérôme, that withstand the elements and provide a final tribute to the deceased.

Which funeral marker to choose?

When the time comes to organize the funeral for the deceased, the question arises regarding the choice of the decoration for the grave. Several criteria must be taken into account, including the belonging of the deceased to a culture, religion, or traditions as well as the cost of the burial marker.

Difference between monuments

What is the difference between a funeral monument and a cremation monument?



Funeral monuments and cremation monuments fulfill the same function. Both are the final resting place of the deceased.



The term “funeral monuments” includes monuments that can accommodate a person buried in a coffin. “Cremation monuments” refers to lighter monuments designed to accommodate an urn.

Frequently Asked Questions

The funerary monument identifies the burial place of the deceased and allows families to reflect, especially when the monument is consistent with the life of the deceased.

Today, it is the material and its colour that distinguish and personalise your burial. There are many different materials used in the manufacture of funeral monuments. Martel & Fils uses granite, mainly for its solidity and for its varied colours.

The shape of a monument reflects the personality of the deceased, as well as the social roots of the family or the religious affiliation. In any case, it is what the family of the deceased wishes to build to pay tribute to him or her. The shape of the burial site is therefore a matter of family choice, but also of cemetery regulations in some cases.

The cost of a memorial varies according to several elements. You need to consider the design of the grave, the material used, the ornaments and the type of burial, in the ground or in a vault. In addition to the visual aspect, you will have to take into account the costs of transport and installation.


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