Asian Funerary Monument

The Asian funerary monument has a majestic and impressive appearance.


Traditional Asian funerary monuments

This type of Asian memorial is generally much larger than Western burials. The latter are equipped with headstones, tombstones and surrounding walls

Asian headstones

For all people of the Buddhist faith, this type of monument is very important. Therefore, manufacturing must be close to tradition.
This type of Asian memorial is generally much larger than Western burials. The latter are equipped with headstones, tombstones and surrounding walls. As the Buddhist tradition requires the cremation of the deceased’s remains, these funeral monuments often contain the deceased’s ashes.

The headstone is one of the most visible elements on Asian funerary monuments. Occasionally, it represents a series of stacked cubes. On the last cube, which is more elongated than the others, appear the names of the family resting in this place. Inscriptions, such as Chinese proverbs or decorative engravings, can also be added.

Other headstones are presented in a more traditional way. However, a small difference compared to the eastern funerary monument, the latter wear a hat representing the roofs of Asian houses.

Finally, the Asian funerary monument is generally made of black granite or red granite. This noble stone then brings more presence to the whole monument.

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