Funeral Engraving


Do you want a funerary engraving ? Our experts are available to meet your needs. We have the equipment and skills required to produce a multitude of engravings to meet all your needs. If you want to precisely reproduce the same lettering and the same configuration, you should know that we have all the fonts.

Personalized lettering engraving services

The funeral monument can be personalized by adding customized funerary engraving and lettering. This is a beautiful way to pay tribute to your loved one by adding messages, religious symbols, or drawings.

Since 1903, Martel & Sons has supported its clients with care in choosing their funerary engraving. Each creation is designed by a quality professional service, but also personalized. We provide custom designs to fulfil all your requirements during these difficult times

What are our restoration services?

Our family business also takes care of the restoration of different types of funeral monuments. This includes custom engravings, if you need to have a name or symbol engraved. Similarly, we take care of the restoration of monuments such as funeral chapels.

8 different funeral monuments offered by Martel & Sons

We can also design other types of funeral monuments, such as:

  1. Headstones;
  2. Tombs;
  3. Crypts;
  4. Mausoleums;
  5. Funeral chapels;
  6. Urn boxes;
  7. Urn tombs;
  8. Columbarium.

Our company Martel & Sons has the expertise to design the most beautiful tributes. Our teams are dedicated and attentive to your every need.

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Engraving on headstones



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Family Columbarium

A family columbarium is a small cremation monument that can accommodate several urns.

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Headstone Cleaning Service



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5 / 5 out of 9 reviews

“A big thank you for your excellent work ❤️ my grandmother urn is so beautiful and represents it perfectly 💐”

- France Lalonde

“Excellent service, very professional and a monument beyond our expectations.”

- Pascal Cadieux

“The company is professional and caring and I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the MARTEL&SONS company. Please know we are thankful and so grateful  for the beautiful engraving that was done for our beloved family members’ headstone.”

- Caroline Johnson

“The service representative Tami was excellent to deal with. She was professional, kind , understanding and most helpful. The service was timely and exceeded expectations.”

- Kerry Oleary