Funerary monuments in a cemetery with a main building

Losing a loved one often comes with the added difficulty of dealing with complicated logistical and financial decisions. Please know that our team is available to support you in understanding funeral monument price options and making the right decisions regarding funeral expenses. It is our priority to help you explore your memorial options with as much peace of mind as the circumstances permit.

What are the different types of funeral monuments in Canada?

The Tombstone

A tombstone is a traditional type of funeral monument that is placed at the head of a grave. Tombstones can be customized with engravings and design details. The terms gravestone, tombstone, and headstone are often used interchangeably. Types of headstones include flat, slanted, or upright headstones. Upright headstones are the most common (they are the type of headstone you would spontaneously imagine). Flat headstones lie flat on the ground.

The Burial Vault

A burial vault is a container buried in the ground. Its size can be customized to accommodate the coffins and funeral urns of several family members.

The Burial Crypt

A burial crypt is very much like a burial vault, except for the fact that it is above ground.

The Mausoleum

A mausoleum is a funeral monument the size of a small building that provides adequate space to receive the coffins or the cremation urns of different family members. It is characterized by its grandiose architectural style that can be customized according to the client’s wishes. Martel and Sons is proud to offer mausoleum building services.

The Chapel

A chapel is a small building, similar to a mausoleum. The main difference between the two is that a chapel typically includes an altar around which visitors gather. A chapel can become a place of gathering for future generations and a long-term family asset.

Of course, chapels and mausoleums tend to be more expensive options than traditional headstones. They are however not exclusively purchased by very affluent customers, as some families decide to join forces and have a number of family members contribute to the expense. Issues regarding price should be discussed with a memorial provider, who will be able to guide you towards a decision that fits your circumstances. 

The Funeral Stele

A stele is a component of a funeral monument. It is the part of the monument that contains information about the deceased and honors their memory. Steles are available in a range of styles. Including rectangular traditional design details, as well as modern designs that offer a variety of shape options.

Factors that influence the price of a funeral monument

Materials used for funeral monuments

Funeral monuments can be made from a variety of materials, including granite stones, marble, bronze, and concrete. The type of materials used can affect the price.

For example, marble headstones are on average more expansive than granite ones. A bronze marker also tends to be more expensive than a granite marker. Concrete is often considered the cheapest material that can be used for cemetery gravestones. However, the quality of materials can also alter headstone prices.

Please note that the color of granite is not linked to its quality. The quality of granite is generally evaluated based on factors such as durability, hardness, porosity, and resistance to staining, scratching, and weathering. These characteristics are influenced by the composition, place of origin and structure of the granite rather than its color.

Although granite color is not linked to its quality, it may influence headstone cost. For example, the average prices for a gray granite memorial headstone may be lower than the prices for one with a rarer color.

Size and type of monument

Of course, average costs vary according to the size and complexity of the project. A simple tombstone should be much more affordable than a multi-generational mausoleum. Customization options chosen by the client, such as color options, design, customized vs. standard lettering, etc., can also influence the price.

Flat markers can generally be purchased at a more affordable price than upright markers. Flat markers are often made of a granite or bronze plaque that is set on a granite base or a concrete base.

It is possible to find affordable headstones. A quality granite tombstone can be purchased for a few hundred dollars. Its price can reach a few thousand dollars depending on the options selected. More complex projects such as building a mausoleum or a chapel should be discussed with a funeral monument provider.

Cost of funeral monuments in Canada

Several open-air funerary monuments in Quebec

3 factors influencing the price of a funeral monument

  1. Materials used
  2. Size and type of monument
  3. The complexity of the project/level of personalization desired

Additional fees to consider (engraving, installation, maintenance)

It’s important to keep in mind that there may be additional costs to consider when purchasing a funeral monument, such as additional headstone engraving, installation, and maintenance.

Funeral monuments can be engraved at the moment of the initial purchase, but additional lettering can be engraved later. The installation fees are usually included in the price of the monument. The purchase of a cemetery plot is made directly through the cemetery. Maintenance (headstone cleaning or restoration) should also be considered.

Why choose Martel and Sons for your commemorative monuments?

Options and customizations available with Martel and Sons

At Martel and Sons, we offer personalized service to help guide you through every step of the way. From choosing the right materials to designing custom engravings, our team will work with you to create a lasting tribute that reflects your loved one’s personality and legacy. Of course, while keeping your budget in mind and helping you minimize your funeral expenses.

To summarize, funeral monument prices in Canada can vary depending on several factors such as materials used, size, and design. It is entirely possible to honor a deceased individual with great dignity with a granite headstone for several hundred dollars. But more expensive headstones or other monuments of a greater scope can cost thousands of dollars. Find here the right type of marker for you. Please contact us for any questions you may have about your options and their associated costs.

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