Granite is the preferred choice for tombstones and gravestones, because it comes in many colors, has aesthetic appeal, is easy to maintain and is weather resistant.

Choosing a monument dedicated to a loved one is a significant decision, and it involves considering the colors of granite, which reflect not only the aesthetics but also the finest granite with an exceptional quality. This selection is about creating a lasting tribute, capturing their personality and forever marking their final resting place.

Martel & Fils has been a tombstone manufacturer since 1903, offering exceptional service and guidance during this difficult time.

Popular granite tombstone colors

Les couleurs de granit populaires

Black granite

Darker granite presents a refined appearance and is practical, as the black color conceals the marks of time. Its deep hue enhances the contrast for inscriptions, effectively accentuating words, designs, and other details. Deep black is also renowned for its timeless elegance that endures through the years.

Pink granite

Granit rose

Pink granite, or vermilion, is often chosen for its warmth and unique appearance. The rosy hues add a soft, personal touch to the granite memorial, creating a comforting presence.

This colored granite is known for its association with love and comfort, which explains its popularity. Additionally, the beautiful grains of pink granite provide a distinctive and appealing look to any monument.

Blue granite

Granti bleu

Blue granite, with varying shades and depths of blue, is an original choice. This type of granite is eye-catching and evokes serenity and tranquility, making each monument a unique tribute to the deceased. It’s also a color that can be a reminder of a particular aspect of the deceased person’s life, thus serving as a full tribute to this loved one.

Grey granite

Granit gris

Grey granite, with subtle nuances and a classic, minimalist look, lends an understated elegance to any memorial. The stone’s neutral color makes it a versatile choice, as it can match different environments and decorative styles. It is an alternative to black or white that combines timeless design with a luminous look.

Factors to consider when choosing a granite color

Let’s dig into the factors that might influence your choice of color when selecting a granite gravestone.

Personal preference

In your quest to select the best color for a gravestone, personal preference is about much more than just taste. Your selection can reflect the deceased person’s passions, personality, and even places that were dear to them.

For example, deep blue granite might be reminiscent of a person who loved the serene feeling of being by the ocean or of a calm, clear sky. Green granite is an ideal color to symbolize a person’s love of nature. For someone who found sunsets amazing, granite with pink or orange hues might reflect those magical moments.

These examples show just how intimate and thoughtful the color selection can be when it comes to picking a gravestone.


The color of a block of granite also carries a strong symbolic significance. Whether you are hoping to evoke serenitylove, or respect, each hue can help convey a particular message or perpetuate the memory of the deceased person in a meaningful way.

Your personal decision should therefore lead you to choose a granite color that not only fits your aesthetic preferences, but that also has a special meaning with respect to the deceased and their loved ones.

Other factors

In addition to personal preferences, other criteria may influence your choice of color when making funeral preparations for a loved one:

Tombstone colors available from Martel & Fils

Martel & Fils boasts an extensive catalog, offering a wide range of beautiful granite colors for tombstones. Here is a non-exhaustive list of available colors:

When it comes to the sources of our granites, we’re proud to offer both local materials from Canada and the USA, and imported granites. This granite variety guarantees not only exceptional quality without discoloration over time, but also flexibility of choice to suit every budget.

Delivery times and prices vary significantly according to granite color and source. Imported options are generally at affordable prices, although they may involve longer lead times, depending on available stock. Conversely, local granites are often available more quickly.

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