Choosing a headstone for the cemetery

Selecting the perfect headstone is a meaningful act, marking the final tribute to a loved one. This choice, which goes beyond a simple aesthetic decision, must reflect the personality of the deceased and stand the test of time.

If you are wondering how to choose a headstone, you are in the right place. Throughout this article, we will explore the essential criteria in choosing a headstone, from selecting the materials to personalizing it according to beliefs and family values, in order to offer a worthy, memorable, and beautiful monument.

What is a headstone?

Choosing a headstone for the cemetery

headstone is much more than a simple grave marker; it is a lasting tribute to the memory of a loved one. Through the ages, these monuments have adopted various materials and forms, ranging from sturdy granite headstones to more delicate marble headstones, each chosen for their appearance and ability to withstand external aggressions.

Definition and role of headstones

A headstone marks the location of a grave in cemeteries, the final resting place of a deceased person. Its function goes beyond a simple marker: it reflects the beliefs, the values, and often the personality of the deceased through engravings, ornaments, or the choice of the type of headstone.

It can accompany different types of burials, whether it is a grave, a family vault, or an urn tomb, for example.

The different types of headstones

There are many models, ranging from simple headstones to modern or more original and ornamental headstones. Each type offers a different appearance, whether colourful, extravagant, or sleek, allowing for customization as desired.

Personalized memorial stones offer a unique opportunity to create a customized tribute. Although many types of stones are available, granite grave markers remain the best choice due to their resistance and stylish appearance. Knowing how to choose a headstone therefore involves thinking about these elements, because each choice reflects a personal story and a final tribute to the deceased person.

Once you have an overall idea, you have to choose between numerous criteria, all of which are important. Let’s take a closer look at this.

The factors to be taken into account when choosing a monument

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The size

Headstone sizes are decisive, influencing not only the visual appearance of the monument, but also the amount of information and engraving that it can accommodate. Standard headstone sizes exist, but if you want a larger size, speak with your team of funeral monument makers to get more details about the feasibility of your project.

The shapes and styles of headstones

The variety of shapes available ranges from traditional monument models to more innovative designs, ensuring that personal taste is at the forefront of this important decision. Whether opting for a classic rectangular form, softly rounded edges, or a completely customized shape with irregular contours, each detail contributes to the monument’s overall finish. When personalizing your monument, remember the importance of the headstone inscription, which often includes names, dates, a farewell message, and sometimes symbols or letters that hold a significant meaning. The process of choosing these elements should be done with care, keeping in mind the cemetery regulations, which may dictate certain restrictions on size, shape, and the type of headstone allowed.

The materials and their durability

Materials such as granite and marble are favoured for their durability against external aggressions, ensuring that the monument remains in good condition over time. However, granite is a common choice, because granite stones are more resistant than marble and offer a wide variety of colours.

The colour and its symbolism

The colour of the stone, from grey granite to black, including pink and green, carries a symbolism that can evoke certain beliefs or personal preferences. Its impact on the final appearance of the funerary monument is significant and must therefore be the subject of serious consideration.

Conformity with culture and religion

It is important for the monument to respect the family’s cultural and religious beliefs. The monument can feature a traditional design that might include religious symbols and verses. This may also be a matter of colour, as we have just mentioned, but also of its shape and ornaments. Understanding and incorporating these aspects plays a crucial role in addressing how to choose a headstone, highlighting the importance of a thoughtful and respectful selection.

Considerations relating to the cost of a monument

The cost varies greatly depending on the size, the type of material, and the complexity of the headstone design. It is a good idea to inquire with your funeral monument manufacturer about the financing options available to find a balance between desire and budget.

With over 100 years of experience, Martel & Sons offers unique expertise and support in choosing a headstone as well as a wide range of funeral monuments. By considering these aspects, guided by our comprehensive insights on how to choose a headstone, you will be able to select a monument that not only celebrates the memory of the deceased, but also respects their wishes.

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